So I’m sick as a dog (though currently improving), my brain feels like it’s trying to inflate a balloon behind my eyes, my joints are filled with gravel, and at some point someone managed to set the bulk of my skin on fire without me noticing, and as a result, I’m a bit too cranky for my usual forms of distraction.

So instead I watch videos.

On YouTube.

God help me.


Let’s talk about “States’ Rights”.

Depending on who you ask, the term can mean any number of things.  To the Democrats, it’s a dogwhistle for racism; to Libertarians, it’s the lesser of two evils; to Republicans it’s the explicit intent of the Founding Fathers (and also a dogwhistle for racism).

But here’s the thing.

Despite how often they decry the concept, Democrats love the idea of “States’ Rights”, so long as they’re not the ones controlling the federal government.  One need look no further than the concept of a “sanctuary city” to realize that defying federal law is cool with the left, so long as they perceive it to be in pursuit of a greater moral good, or at least as a thumb in the eye of the Republicans.

Of course, if a particular city banned abortion, for example, the Democrats would be screaming bloody murder, even if it’s being done by people who perceive it to be in pursuit of a greater moral good.

Because the notion that the right only opposes abortion because they want to control women’s bodies is the fevered invention of the left.  Most people who oppose abortion just don’t like the idea of killing the unborn.

For myself I tend to consider it a necessary evil, with both of those words hewing precisely to their dictionary definition.  But we can talk about that another time.


Both sides laud the concept of “states’ rights” when it suits them, though the term has been sufficiently tainted by its association with racism that Democrats can’t use it, even if it precisely describes their position.  Equally, both sides decry it when it’s used against them.  At times it makes me wonder at what point the Democrats are going to concoct their own version of the term so they can stop dancing around the issue and admit that they fully endorse smaller governmental entities defying the federal government when it serves their purposes.

“Local Legislative Rights”?  “Grass-roots Governance”?

I’m sure they’ll come up with something eventually.

Regardless, this is one of those issues in Washington where the sheer level of hypocrisy from almost all parties involved is sufficiently intense that you have to fear the possibility of it imploding on itself to form some sort of political black hole from which nothing useful will ever escape.

Which, now that I think about it, is an increasingly apt description of Capitol Hill.