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To be totally honest, I didn’t watch the Kavanaugh hearings.  Any of them.

Nor do I intend to.

In part because I already didn’t want Kavanaugh on the bench, so hearing people say awful things about him in front of people who are desirous of hearing awful things about him holds little appeal.  As does watching him lose his cool trying to defend himself against said accusations.

But hell, this is 2018 and we’re on the internet, so I may as well comment anyway.


This whole thing is… kinda bullshit.  Political theater.

I’m not going to accuse anyone of lying here to promote an agenda or torpedo the nomination.  There’s no way to know if anyone involved is telling the truth about any of it, and in all likelihood, there never will be.  Trump can order an FBI investigation into the matter, and… what difference will that make?


Unless Mark Judge suddenly remembers being involved in a sexual assault and decides that his conscience won’t let him live with hiding his awful secret any longer, we’ll be back to a situation where two of the three people alleged to be in the room deny anything happened, and given that it’s the two who are the accused, people will just assume they’re lying anyway, so what’s the point?

Barring the sudden appearance of anything remotely resembling evidence, Kavanaugh will almost certainly get confirmed.  So again.


“But the Democrats didn’t do anything like this to Gorsuch when was nominated so clearly they must be operating in good faith this time too!”

That’s a logical fallacy.  The Democrats did attempt to filibuster Gorsuch, and the Republicans invoked the so-called “nuclear option” and overrode them, but while they didn’t dredge through the man’s past looking for dirt to throw into the court of public opinion, they also knew that such a tactic would be irrelevant, or simply a delay at best, in a process that would end with either Gorsuch or another conservative judge taking his seat on the bench.

The key difference here is that if they can delay the confirmation long enough, they can potentially take control of the Senate and just leave the court deadlocked for the next two years until Trump loses his reelection bid.  Alternately I suppose they could… compromise… on a more centrist judge, but “Congress” and “Compromise”, despite being rather alliterative, are sadly words that will rarely be seen in the same sentence these days, at least when it comes to matters like this.

So every accusation must be heard, whether evidence exists or not, because if they can drag it out long enough, or force Kavanaugh out, they can then start the process all over again with the next nominee and hopefully get enough seats to control the process in November.


Did Kavanaugh assault Ford?

We will probably never know.  I take her at her word that something happened that night, between her and someone.  There’s enough evidence to support that, and I certainly support an FBI investigation into the matter.

But enough evidence to name names?  Not as yet, and there probably never will be.