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… is apparently something I need to share with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee as soon as humanly possible, not necessarily because I want them to win the election, but because I just can’t stand to see that level of unprofessionalism in a major political institution.

It offends my sense of order.

Objectively I understand that they’re caught between a rock and a hard place, in many regards.  I mean, they have all the inertia of any good bureaucracy, coupled with the sort of favor trading and pandering that comes with being involved in politics.

But really?

Fine, you convince the chair of the DNC to step down, after she gets caught in what certainly looks to be rather biased behavior against one of the candidates.  Admittedly, she refuses to step down prior to the actual convention, but one assumes she knows where quite a few bodies are buried and can’t just be arbitrarily removed.

But really!?

You then give her a nice sinecure position in Hillary’s campaign, and plan to replace her with someone else caught being, shall we say, less than impartial in regards to the Sanders campaign?

This isn’t the 19th century, or even the 20th century.  This is the 21st century, and we have this little thing called “the Internet” that seems to be in no small part populated by people whose sole joy in life is discovering things designed to make other people miserable.  There was zero chance that any potential replacement for Debbie Wasserman Schultz was going to sneak under the radar if they’d said anything negative against the Sanders campaign in those emails.

Maybe they’re getting different headcounts on the numbers coming out of primaries in states like Ohio and Florida, but last I checked, the Democrats are going to need every damned vote they can scrape up if they want to win there.  And right now, they’re giving Donald Trump yet another perfect angle of attack, yet another wedge with which he can split disenchanted Sanders supporters away from the Democratic Party.

So maybe picking Donna Brazile to succeed Schultz was ill-advised when it only took minutes for someone to find an email with her expressing a desire to “cuss out” the Sanders campaign.

On the whole, the behavior of the Clinton campaign and the DNC as a whole brings to mind Washington’s warning that party politics would be corrosive to democracy, because I can think of no other reason to behave the way they’re behaving except for strictly internal party politics.

It reeks of favors traded, secrets held, and of a party leadership so divorced from the party members that it cannot comprehend a scenario where those poor benighted plebs don’t just fall in line and vote the way they’re told to vote.

It sends a message to those disenchanted, seemingly-disenfranchised Sanders supporters: “We neither need, nor want you.”

And they will.  They will need them desperately, if things unfold the way they look to be unfolding.

I suspect at least some of it is a failure on their part to understand how a revolution actually works, and what the politics of one look like.  They’ve had such a long string of picking the candidate that brings in the new voters that they can’t comprehend what will happen when they don’t pick that one.  I think they figure they can make some concessions to Bernie Sanders and he’ll get his supporters to fall in line.

But that’s not how revolutions work.  Particularly not ones built around taking down “the Establishment”.

If Bernie caves in, takes his thirty coin and sells out to the people in power… he won’t be able to wrangle his supporters.  He’ll be a traitor to the cause, an apostate, and the very best they’ll be able to hope for from those once-devoted followers is that they’ll stay home come November.

Sure, they’ll get the pragmatic ones, and the party loyalists, but they already had those people.  The new votes, the ones that got brought in by Sanders and Sanders alone, those are the ones they need to be courting, and they will not accept token concessions when the rest of the party’s actions are illustrating just how token those concessions really are, and how “rigged” the system really is.

The Democrats have forgotten that when someone is required to fall on their sword, dying is part of the deal.  Not lateral promotions, golden parachutes, and replacement by more of the same.