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I get the strange feeling that I’ve touched on this subject before

Oh, that’s right, because I have.  And things have just gotten worse.


Allow me to reiterate, in somewhat stronger language: If you’re attacking Trump supporters in the streets while waving a Mexican flag, you are probably too stupid to be allowed to vote.  Odds are that you need to be taken away, locked in an institution where your idiocy can be monitored and compensated for lest you manage to drown yourself in the shower.

You’re not deterring Trump supporters; you’re creating them.  You’re caught on camera, hell, you’re mugging for the camera, and you’re fueling the exact sort of hatred you claim to despise.

I can understand your frustration with Trump’s success, your revulsion to his rhetoric, and your desire to fight his campaign as best you can.  What I can’t understand is how someone with your demonstrated intellect has managed to reach something that vaguely resembles adulthood without choking to death while trying to eat a fork.

Allow me to elaborate.

When you have a campaign based at least partly on isolationism and xenophobia, and foremost among these is the notion that “Mexicans are violent criminals”, it behooves you to not go out and be a violent criminal.  Yes, snatching a Trump hat off of someone’s head is a crime.  Pelting a woman with eggs and rotten vegetables while waving a Mexican flag in her face is a crime.  Clocking a man upside the head and drawing blood because you don’t like his choice in political leadership IS A CRIME.

Your actions do nothing but support Trump, because they lend credence to his rhetoric.  They make people who might not otherwise vote for the man stop, and listen, and think “Man, those protestors… maybe Trump is right.”

Your hatred isn’t a weapon against Donald Trump; it’s a weapon for him.  It’s something that he’s counting on, I’d wager, something that he knows he can use to his advantage with the single biggest voting bloc in the entire country; middle-class, blue-collar white people.  Because he’ll be able to point to your behavior and say “LOOK!  SEE!  I was right all along!” and it will be persuasive, with thousands of pictures worth millions of words.

It doesn’t matter if Trump is full of shit, if he lies even more frequently than his putative competition.  Because now he won’t have to lie.  Now he’ll have “proof”.  It’s one more arrow in his quiver, the final card to complete his royal flush.  His campaign may be build on sandy soils of half-truths and questionable premises, but there are enough elements of truth to hold up to attacks by Hillary Clinton at least, since she’s casting stones from within her crystal palace.

And yes, I do mix my metaphors with an industrial blender.  Thank you for asking.