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Donald Trump is almost certainly trying to figure out how to replicate your “success” at shutting down his rally.

Not so that he can use it against one of his opponents, of course.  No, he’ll be trying to figure out how difficult it would be to arrange for it to happen to him again, at just enough of his rallies to reinforce the notion that “those people” don’t want his supporters to hear what he has to say.

Seriously, how stupid are you?  In what parallel universe did you think that shutting down, or for that matter even simply disrupting, the rallies of a man whose campaign literally feeds on opposition would do anything more than empower him?

You’re not stopping his message; you’re spreading it.  You’re making sure that every person who wanted to see Trump speak in Chicago now has even more reason to vote for him, making sure that even some folks who might otherwise have been on the fence are going to look at the situation and think “huh, maybe that Trump guy is onto something” and above all else making sure that Trump stays in the spotlight.

“Trump Holds Chicago Rally” is a boring headline compared to “Trump Rally Shut Down By Protesters!  Film at 11!”

What’s worse is that this isn’t even the general election.  I hate to break this to you, but you protesting him in the primaries wouldn’t have any noticeable negative impact on the man’s campaign no matter what you did.  You could shut down every single rally he held and it would only make him stronger.  It’s not like you can stop the man from speaking in public, since every time you protest him it just gives him more airtime on networks where his message will reach millions rather than just thousands.

You know, given how many of you have spent time binge-watching House of Cards or Game of Thrones you’d think that maybe a little bit of political savvy would have somehow crept in, but apparently not.  Apparently life in your various sheltered fishbowls has somehow led you to the conclusion that if you prevent someone from speaking locally, that somehow prevents them from speaking globally.

It reminds me of the recent college protests against conservative speakers like Milo Yiannopolous.  Sure, you may have prevented the members of your fishbowl from being subjected to the horrifying abuse of his opinion.  Or at least irritated them slightly when you disrupted the event.

But that’s not all you did.

You made him into something more than a relatively minor conservative pundit, albeit one with fabulous hair.

You made him into news.

And as such, vastly increased his platform.

You idiots.


A centrist who expects he’ll quietly enjoy watching the world burn come November.